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Welcome to ATBU website! Please consider to make ATBU site link to your university front page. If you are one of the members of ATBU and don't have a website yet, please contact to faqing AT gmail DOT com.

The Conference papers published here are modified for web display. If you find some strange characters in your paper, it is due to the Pali fonts you used, which can not be viewed here in web format. It is the best if you re-submit your paper by using Unicode Romanized Pali fonts.

In Windows Xp (Sp1 or Sp2) , Tahoma is a Unicode font containing all Pālī characters.


About the Link

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The link You have published does not work. I have noticed that a lot of Eastern Asia people uses to say Roman instead of Romanized and because of this mistakes can hapen. Roman is the idiom of Gypsies and also the language of Romenia. Romanization is the phylologic system more or less agreed to converte to western European languages the languages with other kind of alphabets or non latin alphabets. I am saying this because maybe at the link instead of Roman can eventually be Romanized.

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VietSpell Zip Folder

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Thank You for your reply. In reality I have already and since long time the Pali fonts. My computers are quite all defined to Eastern Asia language.
Now, I have deep observed the importance of the VietSpell.Zip so, I have decided to let this zip folder only in one of my computers for further tests by attempts once that I am yet in the begining of my Pali studies. The results of my attempts made me feel very happy because:
1- all are working perfectly for all the languages that I use;
2- Sanskrit, like the Mandarin Chinese is working perfect:
3- Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, etc, all perfect also;
4- French and English has no problems because is only to go to that litle blue box and change to this languages so, also perfect;
5- Now and the most important; for the Portuguese language like for the Spanish language we need also to put in English and never in French because the accents in Portuguese like in Spanish appeals for the Sanskrit and Pali Romanization and the French accents causes mistakes in Portuguese and Spanish. This way and at the small blue box, if one want to write correctly in Spanish or Portuguese must select the English idiom and all runs ok.
I hope that this will be important at least for the students that are Hispanic like for the many Portuguese speaking and writing.
This will represent a great possibility for all Iberia and all Latin America like great part of USA and Canada.

Dao Juan Tû -