Come and Study Theravada Buddhism at International Theravada Buddhist, University, Yangon, Myanmar

Dear Friends in Dhamma,

Here i would like to invite all the sincere learner and practitioners of pure form of Buddhism to my university, International Theravada Buddhist University, Yangon, Myanmar. which provide all the necessity to go to the depth in the original texts especially in the learning of Abhidhamma for which Myanmar is famous, Abhidhamma is studied and learn wide in this country.

Being a student of this University, i would like to tell you that this is the only University i came across which provides free hostels, free meals and as well as free education faithfully. there are many students from many countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao, China, Korea, Japan, India, Bangladesh, nepal and some from Western countries............

Dont miss the golden chance if you are searching for a place to study Theravada Buddhism.

feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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with lots of Metta



Information to join International Theravada Buddhist University

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Information for International Theravada Buddhist Missionary university (ITBMU) Entrance Exam

The Candidate interested to study at International Theravada Buddhist Missionary university (ITBMU) must sit for Entrance Test.

First,the candidate must send their filled up Application form with their Education qualification certificate attached (minimum Matriculation passed) to the Myanmar Embassy in the country of their staying or Theravada University In Myanmar.

The Entrance Examination is held in the month of January on 9, 10 or 11 (depending) in the respective Myanmar Embassies in foreign countries and ITBMU University in Myanmar. So if you are in foreign country please contact directly to the Myanmar Embassy you are staying. If you are in Myanmar, contact the University Registrar office for the exact date of examination.

There are two papers for the exam and one Oral Test

First basic English grammar test
Second paper basic Buddhist Gerenal knowledge test

And there is a simple interview

Here is the sample paper of Entrance Examination held in 2005

Ministry of Religious Affairs '
International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University
Yangon , Myanmar

( Entrance Examination for Diploma in Buddha Dhamma )
11th, January , 2005

Paper I English Grammar and Composition Time allowed: Two hours

Answer all questions .
Change the following sentences from the Active Voice into the Passive Voice.
(a) The Buddha taught the Dhamma to gods and men.
(b) We worship the Blessed One everyday.
(c) The generous merchants donate food to the monks.
(d) The students must obey.the teachers always.
(e) I share the merits with my parents.

2. Write an Essay on any one of the following topics, not more than 250 words. My University (or) The Educational System in my country (or) The True Friend

3. Join the following sentences with given conjunctions or words.
(a) The Buddha was enlightened at 35.
He taught the world till his last breath. ( after )
(b) Devadatta was ordained by the Buddha.
Later he went against the Lord. ( although )
(c) Bimb 1isara was assassinated by his son Ajatasattu.. His son wanted to become a king quickly. ( because/who )
(d) I do not like his smoking.
I do not like his drinking of alcohol. (neither,nor )
(e) He is foolish.
He is disobedient. ( not only, but also )

4. Make questions for the following answers using the words given.
(a) I went to my office five days a week. ( often )
(b) He did not love his brother. ( did )
(c) You prefer writing to reading. ( which one )
(d) We visited our village during our holidays. ( where )
(e) They stayed in Bago during vacation. ( wherein )

5. Put the following into (a) questions (b) negative.
(a) She took his hat and stick.
(b) He sat down in an armchair.
(c) They showed him some games.
(d) He looked at the pictures on the wall.
(e) He taught the boys Spanish.

Ministry of Religious Affairs
International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University
Yangon , Myanmar

(-Entrance Examination for Diploma in Buddha Dhamma )

January , 2005

Paper II General Knowledge Time allowed: Two hours

Answetr all questions .
1. Being a Theravada Buddhist one must observe the Five Precepts in the daily life. What are these Five Precepts?
2. Write an Essay on " the Loving-kindness, Metta Bhavana Meditation ".
3. What is the Triple Gem? Why is it so called?
4. Why is this world always engaged in turmoil, distress and suffering? Suggest some solutions to this problem.
5. State clearly why the propagation and promotion of Buddhism is needed.

A ,e
Ministry of Religious Affairs
International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University
Yangon , Myanmar

( Entrance Examination for Diploma in Buddha Dhamma )
January , 2005

Oral Examination
All questions are to be asked for each students . ( 100 Marks )
1. Why do you want to study Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar?
2. Do you consider Meditation Practice is essential in the study of Theravada Buddhism?
3. Do you believe that meditation is a means of Happiness in our life? Give ample reasons for your answer.
4. Why do you want to join this University?
5. What is meditation? Have you ever meditated?

International Theravāda Buddhist Missionary University
Yangon, Myanmar

Application form for Admission

1. Name (in block letter) --------------------------------------------------------
2. Male/ Female --------------------------------------------------------
3. National Registration or
Passport No. --------------------------------------------------------
4. Date of birth --------------------------------------------------------
5. Place of birth --------------------------------------------------------
6. Father's name --------------------------------------------------------
7. Citizenship --------------------------------------------------------
8. Marital Status --------------------------------------------------------
9. Religion --------------------------------------------------------
10. Permanent Home Address--------------------------------------------------------
11. Postal Address --------------------------------------------------------
12. Academic qualification
& Year --------------------------------------------------------
13. Language
(Level & Proficiency) --------------------------------------------------------
14. Present employment --------------------------------------------------------
15. Dip./B.A.(A)/B.A.(B)/ M.A.
& Academic year --------------------------------------------------------
I affirm that all above-mentioned statements made by me on this form are correct. I understand that any inaccurate statement will read my application invalid. I promise to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the University and the Government of the Union of Myanmar.
Applicant’s signature----------------
Date ----------------

A student who joins the University is required to bring a proper medical certificate recently taken from any recognized medical authority certifying physical and mental fitness.

You may visit the Old out of date ITBMU Website
for further information.

I wish you success !

with Metta



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