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Brief Introduction

The Mahamakut Buddhist University (MBU) can trace back its history over a century. In 1893, His Majesty King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) granted the Royal Permission to set up a college in commemoration of his royal father, King Mongkut (King Rama IV), as Mahamakut Royal Academy. Its objectives according to the royal wish were (1) to set up an educational locus for Buddhist monks and novices,

(2) to set up an educational institution of national and international level, and (3) to set up as a locale for propagation of Buddhism. On 26 October 1893, His Majesty visited and administered the academic activities of the institution.

From its inception, the operation of Mahamakut Royal Academy proved to be very satisfactory. On 31 December 1945, His Holiness Krom Luang Vajiranyanavong in the capacity of President of Mahamakut Royal Academy together with senior monks announced the inauguration of a Buddhist university. It was the unprecedented effort to establish the first Buddhist University in Thailand which was officially named ‘Mahamakut Royal Academy Educational Council, the Buddhist University of Thailand.' It is well known as the first university in Thailand catered for Buddhist monks and novices.

On 1 October 1997, the government approved the university as a ‘state university' under the Royal Thai Government and officially named it ‘Mahamakut Buddhist University.' The university offers both undergraduate and post-graduate up to doctorate (PhD) degrees which are equal to other state universities' degrees rights. Once being a seed for knowledge of Buddhist monks and novices alone in the past, now it equally caters high education both to Buddhist monks and to laymen. With the growth, the MBU has extended its service beyond Bangkok. In addition to the main campus in Bangkok, the MBU has one college, seven campuses and thirteen learning centers scattered all over Thailand.

International Initiative

The Mahamakut Buddhist University has initiated an academic co-operation between the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, Oxford University, UK. As its result, the MBU has invited a well known Buddhist Scholar from Oxford University to participate in an academic dialogue between lecturers and students of the MBU.

In 2005, the MBU hosted the Fourth World Buddhist Summit which was participated by the Buddhist leaders of 23 countries with over 3,700 international participants in attendance.

University at a Glance

Year Established 1893

Location of Main Campus Bangkok

Number of Campuses 7

Total number of Students 11,387

•Undergraduates 9,073

•Postgraduates 2,269

•Foreign Students 45

Academic Staff 340

•Faculty Members 164

•Supporting Staff 176

List of Faculties/Schools/Institutions

•Graduate School

•Faculty of Religion and Philosophy

•Faculty of Social Sciences

•Faculty of Humanities

•Faculty of Education


Postal Address: Wat Bovoranives Vihara, 248 Phra Sumen Road, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Telephone: 0-2282-8303, 0-2281-2427 Facsimile: 0-2281-0294

Email: Website:

Presented by:
Ven. Phra Dr. Anil M. Sakya (Sugandha), Deputy-Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, MBU, Thailand