A Special Speech

By the Most Ven. Phra Theppariyattivimol, Acting Rector of Mahamakut Buddhist University, Thailand

Your Holiness Abhidhajamaharatthaguru and Abhidhaja‐maha‐saddhammajotika Bhadanta Kumara, the Most Venerable Aggamahapandita Prof. Dr. Nandamalabhivamsa, Rector of International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, the Most Venerable Aggamahapandita Dr. Ashin Nyanassara, Chancellor of Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, Most Venerable Rectors, Vice Chancellors, Principlas, Your Excellencies Brigadier General Thura Myint Maung, Minister for Religious Affairs, Dr. Myo Myint Director General of Department of Promotion and Propagation of the Sasana, and honourable guests,

On behalf of the Mahamakut Buddhist University, Thailand I am very delighted to participate in this International Conference of All Theravada Buddhist Universities with you all here today. I very much appreciate the organizers of this unique conference. This is indeed a historical and unprecedented gathering of all Theravada Buddhist universities and colleges of this region to come together for a conference in harmony like today. This is indeed a very good beginning for developing Buddhist education of university level among Theravada sanghas of this region and widely contributing the global society. The Buddha’s wish was to see his religion becomes beneficial to many human and produces happiness both to the world of devatas and humankind as it appears in Pali: Caratha bhikkhave carikam bahujana hitaya bahujana sukhaya.

In fact, the Theravada sangha in each country have been trying their best to propagate Buddhism for the benefits of the people both in theory and practice. However, we are still lacking of cooperation among us to generate the power in propagating Buddhism world widely. This not only ties all Buddhist universities and
colleges under one roof but it also help us to develop in coping with the pace of modernity.

Therefore, every party who are involving in pushing this conference to happen means that they have opened a new channel for all Theravada Buddhist universities and colleges to able to see the power of unifying ideas, intentions and actions which will lead us to a powerful cooperation in materialising our targets in a short time.

In the part of the Mahamakut Buddhist University, I am very glad to work together with all of you in a full capacity and I do hope that every university will do the same.
Finally, I would like to thank the Government of Myanmar for sponsoring this unique international Theravada Buddhist universities conference to a success and also would like to thank the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University and people who sparked this idea of conference to bring all of us here for our common goal in developing Theravada Buddhist education.

I hope that the International Theravada Buddhist Universities Conference achieves every success.

May all be happy and Thank you.