Dhamma-samvega: A Dhammic Condolence to Ven. Dr. Dhammasami

Ven. Anil Sakya (Sugandha)

We have learned with Dhamma-samvega that the beloved mother of Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami has passed away peacefully a few days ago. Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami is the General-secretary of ATBU, IABU and Abbot of Oxford Buddha Vihara in UK. He has been flying in and out of Myanmar often in recent months in order to take care of his mother who has been sick for a while. Finally, she gave up keeping her Khandhas remained intact and passed away peacefully. Certainly, this is a great loss for Ven. Dr. Dhammasami and his family members.

May we all express our sympathy and dhamma-samvega to Ven. Dr. Dhammasami in this difficult time of his life. May the wisdom of Dhamma keep him strong and success with all funeral activities. The funeral itself is taking place on 24 August 2008.

May we all remember her in our wholesome actions and transfer the merit for her benefits. May she be reborn in good planes during her samsaric journey till she reaches the bliss of Nibbana.