ATBU 2nd Bi-annual Conference: A Call for Papers

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The 2nd Bi-annual conference of the Association of Theravada Buddhist Universities is going to be held from Wednesday 4  to Sunday 8 of March 2009 at Sitagu International Buddhist Academy in Sagaing. The conference  is taking place immediately after the opening of the new convocation hall, modelled on the famous Sanchi Chaitiya, at SIBA.
The theme of this conference is Theravada Buddhism: tradition, identity and development. This is aimed at an appraisal of the Theravada Buddhist tradition and its crucial role both past and present. In the English medium there will be four sub-topics, each forming a panel, namely:
(1) Pariyatti and patipatti-dhamma in Theravada countries;
(2) Pali literature since the 19th century;
(3) Engaged Buddhism;
(4) Monasticism and Theravada Buddhism.
There will also be a separate panel in the Pali medium with any of the four topics discussed. This may be the first ever Pali panel at any international academic meeting.
Papers are being called for  from any scholar and anywhere in the world.
Limited bursory for travel is available for anyone whose paper is selected. Papers must be submitted before 10 February 2009.
Any one wishing to present a paper, please contact the Executive Secretary at and, attention to Ven. Dr. Khammai Dhammasami.
ATBU Secretariat
5 January 2009



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