Extension of the deadline for Abstracts Submission

The ATBU 3rd Conference organizers have decided to extend the deadline for the submission of abstracts for the forthcoming ATBU 3rd conference by two weeks. The deadline which expires on 15th July is now moved to 29th July in order to fecilitate more papers. Abstracts should be sent to Ven. Dr. Khammai Dhammasami (oxford.k.dhammsami@gmail.com), Ven. Dr. Anil Sugandho (asakya@gmail.com) and Ven. Phramaha Sillapa Hinchaisri Dhammasippo of Mahamakut Buddhist University at (sillapah@gmail.com).

The main theme of the conference is: Buddhist Education, Life Education

Abstracts can be submitted to the following panels:

(1) Buddhism and Western Psychology (This panel broadly welcomes the interaction of Buddhist meditation and both psychotherapy and cognitive therapy in Western psychology.)
(2) Buddhism and Education (On Buddhism as education, the application to and adaptation of Buddhism in all levels of formal and informal education)
(3) Buddhist Meditation in the Contemporary World (this panel may overlap with Panel No. 1 in some aspects and we will see if these two might be joined.)
(4) Buddhism and Science (the interaction and debate between Buddhism and natural science as well as ethics.)
(5) Buddhism and its Dissemination (How Buddhism is and should be disseminated in both Buddhist and non-Buddhist societies.)
(6) The Pali-Tipitaka Studies, Then and Now. (Pali medium) (Various ways, both traditional and modern, of studying the Tipitaka.)