Postponement of the 3rd ATBU Conference

latest flood map of Bangkok.jpg

Today (October 18, 2011), Mahamakut Buddhist University (MBU) held an emergency meeting to evaluate the current flood disaster in Thailand. After thorough and careful evaluation (based on the government information and the updated water level), MBU has decided to postpone the forthcoming 3rd International Theravada Buddhist Universities Conference as well as the MBU graduation ceremony, originally scheduled for 19-22 November 2011. MBU has decided to postpone the conference to February 2012. The exact dates for the conference will announce in later date.

Record flooding in Thailand is set to worsen as massive volumes of water move from the country’s north toward the sea. More than 2 months of flood have affected more than 8 million people in Thailand. This disaster is immense and is said to be the worst in the country’s modern history. North and East of Bangkok are already submerged under the massive volume of water. Next week will be critical for the capital with the combination of more predicted rain, high tides and massive volumes of water flowing towards the sea. Millions of people are badly affected and became homeless.

MBU is dedicating all its resources to help flood victims. MBU has turned its facilities into shelters for flood victims whose houses are submerged under water. The situation is not getting better and it is estimated that it will take few months to bring the situation back to normal.

We apologize to people who are inconvenienced by this decision, particularly people who have bought ticket, planned their travel and submitted papers.

We know that many people have been looking forward to the getting together to share ideas and research experiences, and will be disappointed by this decision, but we also think it is important to take precaution of safety and convenience in organizing such a big international gathering.

The Most Venerable Phra Theppariyattivimol, MBU Rector, conveys his regret for postponing the conference just weeks before the event. He is sorry to inform you that there is no other better alternative at this situation to deal with this natural calamity.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at

With apologies,

Venerable Dr. Anil Sakya Sugandho
On behalf of MBU and conference organizer