ATBU Conference - no date has been fixed yet

MBU in the middle of water.jpg

Dear Venerable Sirs and Colleagues in the ATBU,

I just wish to update you that although we have announced during the floods in Thailand that the ATBU conference would be held in February 2012, which is next month, this is increasingly impossible. Our host and Secretariat, Mahamakut Buddhist University (MBU), has sustained the damages of around 250 (two hundred and fifty) million Bhats (more than eight million USD). The electric wires, for instance, are not properly functioning and will take time to rewire the whole campus. The tress and lawns have also been completely lost to the floods. The normal teachings and administrative matters are still catching up.

So, in this situation, it is indeed not possible to hold it even by the end of March.

I am sure all our members will understand the situations. MBU is doing its best to arrange the dates, but so far many odds are still against them.

Kindly convey this message to the would-be paper presenters at your institution as well as in your panels.

Yours respectfully in the dhamma,

Ven. Dr. Khammai Dhammasami
Executive Secretary

after flood1.jpg
some of the damage after flood
after flood2.jpg
after flood4.jpg